Wills, Probate & Estates

Albury Legal can:

  • Provide you with legal assistance to prepare your will and protect your assets
  • Assist you in obtaining probate over a deceased estate, or
  • Provide you with legal representation in relation to challenges made against a deceased estate


Albury Legal can help you prepare a Will aimed at leaving your money and assets in accordance with your wishes. We can also help you structure the Will to reduce the risk of a successful Court challenge to your Will. Once your Will is prepared, Albury Legal can also store the original Will securely for you in our office safe at no extra charge.

Asset Protection & Estate Planning

Albury Legal’s principal solicitor (Suryan Chandrasegaran) has had significant experience advising clients with large farms, properties or businesses on the best way to safeguard these valuable assets from creditors and to ensure they are passed on to the next generation in ways which minimise family disputes and court challenges.


Albury Legal can assist you in dealing with a deceased loved one’s property and assets to ensure they are smoothly transferred to the nominated beneficiaries. If there is a Will, we can assist you in seeking Court approval to be granted Probate over the Will. If there is no Will, we can assist you in seeking Letters of Administration. Albury Legal will assist you in properly administering the Deceased Estate in either case. We can help you ensure that the debts of the deceased are paid and the remaining assets of the Deceased Estate are distributed.

Court Challenges Against a Deceased Estate

If you believe you have not adequately been provided for in a Will, Albury Legal can advise you on your proper legal entitlement and help you gain a fairer share of the Deceased Estate’s assets.
Alternatively, if you are concerned about a challenge to a Deceased Estate, Albury Legal can advise you on the Estate’s chances of successfully defending a Court challenge against the Will or the Estate.