General Law

Albury Legal has a broad general legal practice experience which allows us to assist you in any general legal work (other than family law) which you may need, including:

  • Employment Law
  • Local Government law and Planning
  • Farming law
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Any other area of law (just try us!)

Employment Law

Albury Legal’s principal solicitor, Suryan Chandrasegaran, has had significant experience dealing with a range of employment-related legal issues. He has acted for clients with disputes between employees and employers, including disputes involving the Fair Work Commission. He has also acted for executives needing advice on their employment contracts, and whether they have received a fair payout from a former employer. He has also advised clients on whether they are bound by a restraint of trade condition in their contract.
Albury Legal can help employers who need to draw up an employment contract. We can also help employees who need advice on such a contract.

Local Government Law & Planning

Albury Legal can help if you are involved in a planning dispute with neighbors or a council. We can also help if you have been charged with local government offences.

Farming Law

Farming and agribusiness are specialised areas where knowledge and understanding of good farming practice and farming families can help resolve disputes or avoid them before they arise.

Albury Legal’s principal solicitor, Suryan Chandrasegaran, has lived in rural and regional communities for over 14 years and can use this knowledge and understanding to assist you.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

While many people understand the need for having a valid and up-to-date will, fewer people understand the importance of having valid and up-to-date enduring powers of attorney. A will operates only after a person dies. However, if a person loses the ability to manage their own affairs due to illness or injury, no one can manage their finances or make decisions for them unless they had earlier put in place appropriate enduring powers of attorney.

Without appropriate powers of attorney, someone will have to apply to a government tribunal to obtain a guardianship order. There is no guarantee that the government will choose the best person for the job. Sometimes, a trustee company or government employee will be chosen to manage your affairs (such as State Trustees or the Public Advocate). If this happens, a stranger will end up managing your affairs and making decisions for you which could go against your wishes.

At Albury Legal, we can advise you on the different types of powers of attorney available and prepare enduring powers of attorney, enduring powers of guardianship and/or medical treatment powers of attorney for you if you wish.