Conveyancing and Property Law

Albury Legal can assist you with the legal work involved in:

  • Buying or selling property
  • Property development work (including subdivisions)
  • Mortgages and loan agreements
  • Leases
  • General property law matters such as easements, caveats and restrictive covenants

Buying or Selling Land

Albury Legal can assist you if you are buying a property anywhere in Victoria or New South Wales. Our principal solicitor, Suryan Chandrasegaran, has acted for clients who have bought or sold vacant blocks, units, houses, commercial properties and farms.

Property Development & Subdivisions

Albury Legal can also help you undertake the legal work necessary with your property development project, such as preparing and lodging your plan of subdivision, helping you comply with council or government requirements and selling blocks off the plan.

Mortgages & Loans

If you are a lender, Albury Legal can prepare loan documents, charges and mortgages. We can also register a mortgage or charge for you against the borrower’s title or other security. We can store title and mortgage documents for you in our secure office safe.
If you are a borrower, Albury Legal can help you by explaining mortgage documents to you in a personal interview with a solicitor, confirm the advice in writing and store copies of the mortgage documents for you in our office safe. We can also provide you with a solicitor’s certificate (required by some lenders) as part of a special service offering.


Lease laws (especially retail lease laws) contain a variety of strict rules which set out how landlords and tenants must behave.
Albury Legal can help landlords comply with these laws and have properly drawn up and enforceable leases.
We can also help tenants who need legal advice on the terms of their lease and their legal rights.

General Property Law

Albury Legal’s principal solicitor, Suryan Chandrasegaran, has had extensive experience over a number of years in helping clients deal with a range of uncommon property law issues, such as easements, restrictive covenants, caveats, windfarm leases, telecommunication tower leases and easements, power company easements, and gaining fair compensation when land is compulsorily acquired by a government or utility company.

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