Commercial, Leasing & Business Structuring

Albury Legal has significant experience in undertaking a wide range of commercial work for clients. We can:

  • assist you with buying, selling or setting up a new business
  • provide you with advice on how to best protect your assets and preserve access to legal tax incentives
  • assist you with setting up trusts, companies and other business structures;
  • prepare partnership agreements;
  • prepare joint venture and shareholder agreements;
  • help you minimise the risk of a farm succession dispute;
  • prepare or advise you on a commercial lease;
  • advise you on business succession to protect your business’ future.

Buying, Selling or Setting up a new Business

Albury Legal’s principal solicitor, Suryan Chandrasegaran, has spent many years acting for business clients wanting to expand their existing business by buying another business, selling their existing business or setting up a new business.
With his accounting experience, Suryan is also aware of the financial and tax aspects of these transactions. At Albury Legal, we aim to raise the legal aspects of these financial and tax issues with clients. We refer clients to Albury Accounting Pty Ltd if they need advice or help in the more practical day-to-day accounting or tax issues, or if they need help with preparing accounting records or tax returns.

Partnership & Joint Venture Agreements

At Albury Legal, we believe the best way to minimise the risk of a future dispute with your business partners is to have a proper partnership agreement, joint venture agreement or shareholders’ agreement prepared well before the business starts.


Lease laws (especially retail lease laws) contain a variety of strict rules which set out how landlords and tenants must behave.
Albury Legal can help landlords comply with these laws and have correctly drawn up and enforceable leases.
We can also help tenants who need legal advice on the terms of their lease and their legal rights.

Business Succession

At Albury Legal, we believe there are ways to avoid the worst effects of a sudden death or injury of a key business owner or operator.
Albury Legal’s principal solicitor, Suryan Chandrasegaran, has had several years’ experience in drawing up business succession agreements which help a retiring business owner (or their family) to be paid a fair price for their interest in the business, but doing it in a way which does not drain the business’ cashflow, force the business to close or unfairly penalise the continuing business owners.