Commercial & Criminal Court Work


Commercial Disputes

Albury Legal can represent you if you are considering taking someone to court or if you are being sued. Albury Legal can represent you in court proceedings at the Supreme Court, County Court, District Court, Local Court, Magistrates Court, Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Federal Court or the High Court. We can also represent you in tribunal proceedings.

Albury Legal’s principal solicitor, Suryan Chandrasegaran, has extensive experience in dealing with a range of court disputes for clients. He has acted for clients at a range of courts and tribunals.
Albury Legal have also acted for clients with disputes between employees and employers, including disputes involving the Fair Work Commission.

Leasing Disputes

Lease laws (particularly retail lease laws) set out a range of very stringent rules which need to be met.
Albury Legal can assist landlords to comply with these laws to reduce the risk of a costly dispute with a tenant or costly fines.
We can also assist tenants trying to fairly resolve a dispute with a landlord, or who need legal advice on the terms of their lease.

Debt Recovery

While most people pay their debts on time, some will only pay if they are forced to. Albury Legal can advise you on your debt collection options, and help you collect your debts quickly and efficiently.
If Court action becomes necessary, Albury Legal can also act for you in starting the necessary Court proceedings and representing you at Court to pursue your debt.

Criminal Charges

Being charged with criminal offences and having to appear at Court would be worrying for most people. Albury Legal’s principal solicitor, Suryan Chandrasegaran, has had many years’ experience in advising people in this stressful situation and helping them deal with these criminal charges.

Albury Legal has access to a range of experienced criminal barristers and expert witnesses who can help you respond to criminal charges, protect your legal rights and work to achieve the best outcome for you.