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Albury Legal offers personalised service by Albury solicitors who have the necessary experience and skills to ensure that your legal needs are met.

Our law firm:


At Albury Legal, our principal solicitor and staff aim to behave with integrity in all our dealings with you.

This means that we try to be upfront and honest with you in all aspects of your legal matter.  Our solicitor strives to provide you with realistic and practical advice.

In any work Albury Legal does for you, we do our best to ensure you achieve your objective, and obtain a successful outcome.

First Free Interview System

If you have a legal matter (anything from a court case to a property sale), Albury Legal will give you a first interview with a qualified solicitor free of charge.  At this interview, our solicitor will discuss your legal issue with you and provide you with initial advice.  You are not charged for this first interview.
At this first free interview, our Albury solicitors can often provide you with an estimate of our legal fees so that you can decide whether or not you want to engage us to handle your legal matter.

Legal Costs

We keep our costs to you competitive, and our costs are typically less than those charged by professionals with similar experience and qualifications who are based in a capital city.

We are more than happy to discuss and negotiate our costs with you before starting any particular matter.

Prompt & Professional Service

Albury Legal aims to provide you with the best professional service we can on a timely basis. We also aims to keep you regularly informed on the progress of your matter.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our professional work for you, and our solicitor’s legal work is covered by professional indemnity insurance.


Our Services

  • Litigation / Courtwork

    We can arrange for you to be represented by a solicitor in any civil or criminal proceedings at the Albury Local Court, the Albury District Court, the Victorian or New South Wales Supreme Courts and other Courts and Tribunals in New South Wales or Victoria. When appropriate, our principal solicitor can brief top barristers in New South Wales or Victoria to represent you at Court. Learn More

  • Conveyancing

    If you are selling a house or property around the Murray River, or anywhere in Victoria or New South Wales, our principal solicitor can meet with you to discuss the transaction with you. Albury Legal can then proceed to undertake all the legal work in your sale or purchase, including providing you with legal advice on the terms of the Contract. We strongly recommend you get legal advice on your sale or purchase to avoid making a mistake which could cost you thousands of dollars in a lost sale or in purchasing a defective property. Learn More

  • Commercial, Business & Lease Transactions

    We can prepare a range of business, leasing and commercial contracts. Our principal solicitor has experience in preparing partnership agreements, buy/sell agreements (to protect business owners against much of the financial hardship following the death of a one business owner), commercial retail leases in both Victoria and New South Wales, and a range of other commercial agreements. Albury Legal can also undertake the legal work relating to a sale or purchase of a business in New South Wales or Victoria. Our clients often find our principal solicitor’s background in accounting and tax to be helpful in discussing the legal aspects of a commercial transaction. Learn More

  • Wills & Deceased Estates

    Albury Legal can prepare your Will to set out how you would like to leave your belongings after you die. We can also prepare Enduring Powers of Attorney to allow you to appoint people you trust to manage your affairs if you should become unable to do so. In our view, setting up these documents properly can save significant stress and family unhappiness. In some cases they can avoid the need for costly legal proceedings or a stranger being appointed to manage your affairs. In the event of a bereavement, Albury Legal can help you to administer the deceased’s estate or in advising you on your proper legal entitlement in the estate. Learn More

  • Tax & Superannuation

    Albury Legal can provide you with tax advice on income tax law, capital gains tax, goods & services tax (GST), stamp duty, superannuation guarantee and a range of other taxes. We can also advise you on superannuation law and help you with ensuring your self-managed superannuation fund complies with its legal obligations. Our principal solicitor is a registered tax agent with significant experience in tax and superannuation law, having previously worked for the Australian Tax Office and a large Australian law firm. Learn More

  • Compensation Law

    New South Wales law prevents us from publishing any advertisement advertising certain legal services aimed at helping people who have been injured. However, this prohibition does not apply to our existing clients. Learn More

  • General Law

    Albury Legal is a general legal practice which can assist you in most major areas of law (except for family law). Our principal solicitor has had years of experience helping a broad client base to resolve a range of different legal problems in the Albury Wodonga area. If you have a legal problem or need legal recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us.

City of Albury

With Albury Legal residing in the Albury CBD opposite the Alessi car dealership on Hume Street (the old Hume Highway), our office offers clients a convenient location for appointments with ample street parking. Our office is conveniently located near the Hovell Tree Park and McDonalds.

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